1. 1. Deposit Into your account
  2. 2. Make your selections from the events available each day, a total ODDS of 3 or more
  3. 3. Wait for all events to be decided
  4. 4. When you win you take all the losers money or share the total stake for the day with other winners


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this system work
  • The system is very simple to understand, total stakes for the day divided by total winning slips for the day after all events has been decided. for example one betslip cost N500, 1200 slips was registered today that is 500 X 1200 which is N600,000 if only 25 slips were won for that day it will then be N600,000 / 25 which is N24,000 now each of this winner will have to pay 10% of the N24,000 which is N2,400 for maintenance and resources
  • How much can i stake with
  • This program is a competition where total stake is being devided by the total number of winning slips at the end of each day when all events has been decided, Therefore every stake is N500 by default, no one stake lower than that and no one stakes higher than that.
  • Why am i not seeing total games played already for today
  • It is simply because you are not subscribed yet, if you play any game today you will be able to see total players for the day, total lost already including the details of the slips, so you cannot see any information concerning any date you did not play, you can only see statistics from any of your betslip for a particular date.
  • When can i play
  • You can play at anytime provided you have events equivalent to minimum accumulation as of that time available, whether so many slips has been lost already you have subscribed and if you are lucky to be a winner you will share from the total stakes for that day or have all the money if your slip is the only winning slip
  • What options can i play
  • Click on PLAY NOW, events for the day will be displayed, you will see the Conditions to be met at the top of the Page
  • What happens if a match on my slip is Postponed
  • If a match on your betslip becomes postponed, cancelled, interupted it becomes a bonus to you, we will cancel that event at the end of the day and it will be regarded as WON to any betslip that particular event is present in.
  • How do i deposit into my account
  • You can deposit into your account with your ATM, simply click on Deposit, input the amount and follow the rest process, if your deposit was succssful your account will be credited instantly
  • How can i withdraw my money and when
  • You can withdraw your money at anytime whether you played games or not so far you have up to N200 in your account. Once your withdrawal request has been submitted successfuly we will credit your Bank account within 24 hours if no issues but if your account name does not match with bank we will reverse the money to your account, we will then need your National Identity Card to change your account name
  • What happens if NO winner for the day
  • If all betslips are lost for the day without a winner all stake for that day will be Refunded back to all accounts automatically